March 31st , 2017

Partners of Medical Informatics Engineering:

As you know, MIE is dedicated to the promise of an adaptable solution, and with that promise comes a commitment to security. On January 5th, we issued a letter outlining the requirements for MIE-supported browsers, to ensure a high level of encryption is maintained when accessing the WebChart system. In order to support this initiative, Internet Explorer (IE) browsers must maintain current versioning of ActiveX controls. Therefore, beginning April 12th, IE users with outdated ActiveX controls will experience service interruptions.

Because ActiveX controls are exclusively used in IE browsers, only those clients operating on an IE platform need to take action. ActiveX controls are used to:

  • upload dictation
  • control a scanner
  • interface with Microsoft Word
  • upload or viewing DICOM files
  • video capture or camera control

Without current ActiveX controls, you may become an easy target for a security breach. If end users lack local PC administrative rights, ActiveX controls will not update automatically; therefore, it is important that administrators deploy the latest versions. To do so, you may simply follow the link to the Windows Installer, where the current versions have been made available. Failure to do so means the ActiveX controls will not be allowed to communicate with our servers.

If this communication is not clear about the potential impact to your users or you need any assistance, please contact MIE Helpdesk before April 12th, to avoid any potential service interruptions. MIE appreciates your understanding and cooperation. Thank you for the consideration, and please do not hesitate to reach out to the MIE Helpdesk.

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