Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) Takes the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Conference by Storm

Atlanta, GA – March 15, 2010 – As the American College of Cardiology (ACC) kicked off its annual conference on Sunday in Atlanta, one vendor is leading the pack when it comes to delivering optimal cardiovascular care in the health IT category. Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE), a web-based, minimally invasive™ EHR provider out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is emerging as a top vendor to watch in the cardiology space, as demonstrated by the following:

ACC's Exclusive PINNACLE Registry™ Vendor Partner

Medical Informatics Engineering is the only electronic health record system to offer a high level of native integration with ACC's PINNACLE Registry™ functionality offered to cardiology practices across the U.S. As cardiologists document patient encounters in the WebChart EHR product portfolio, relevant data populates an electronic version of the PINNACLE Registry data collection form, eliminating the need for dual data entry and unnecessary clicks. Electronic data is then transmitted from WebChart to the ACC, where it automatically populates the PINNACLE Registry.

In a keynote speech at the ACC conference on Sunday night, President Obama's Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra, pledged full White House support of the advancement of ACC's PINNACLE Registry and provided a strong call-to-action for the development of overall healthcare IT innovation.

Real Life Success Stories from the Trenches

In a healthcare IT update session yesterday, a panel of cardiologists documented their experience with EHR implementations and provided advice on choosing an EHR vendor. Michael Mirro M.D., a practicing cardiologist with Fort Wayne Cardiology and chair of the ACC IT committee, talked about the importance of looking before you leap and analyzing vendor options that “won’t disrupt current practice workflow. He then summarized some of the success his practice has seen using MIE's WebChart EHR system. Because of MIE’s embedded PQRI module, his practice received the maximum reimbursement of $3,800 for each of their 22 physicians for the first six months of the PQRI program.

Another panelist, Jay Alexander, M.D at North Shore Cardiologists in Chicago, provided an honest assessment of his practice’s $400,000 EHR mistake and how MIE helped them turn meaning-“less” use into meaning-“ful” use. After scrapping an EHR implementation that had “gone bad,” Alexander explained how MIE was able to customize its EHR product to their practice’s workflow, how the company was interoperable with their current patient management system and how the SaaS, Web-based system was easily accessible from any location, all with a lower initial cost to physicians.

To view and hear these full presentations presented at ACC, or to embed them on your Web site click here.

Beta Launch of Software as a Service (SaaS) WebChart EHR Now

Medical Informatics Engineering further promoted the beta launch of its new WebChart EHR Now product at ACC10. Integrated with the PINNACLE Registry™ module, the WebChart EHR Now product builds on the company’s minimally invasive approach to implementation - a simple-to-deploy and easy-to-use EHR - and is designed to achieve the latest meaningful use criteria while helping practices efficiently migrate to electronic charts without disrupting existing practice workflow. Physicians can sign up and deploy this new web-based EHR in a matter of minutes for a minimal cost of $250 per physician, per month.

MIE's full EHR portfolio with PINNACLE Registry Functionality will be featured at ACC10, booth #2674. Interested parties will be able to create a free trial EHR directly from the exhibit floor. Physician practices not in attendance at the show can sign up for WebChart EHR Now online at https://webchartnow.com.

About Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE):

Founded in 1995, MIE has developed a web-based, minimally invasive™ EHR portfolio that is deployed at physician practices and Fortune 500 organizations operating on-site employee health clinics. Unlike many EHR vendors that require physicians to alter the way they practice medicine to fit an inflexible software platform, MIE tailors its EHR solutions to fit the workflow preferences of each practice and its individual clinicians. This minimally invasive approach was designed to be:

  • Accessible - web-based to provide secure access to patient records anytime, anywhere, from any web browser.
  • Interoperable - designed to play well in the sandbox with other healthcare IT applications using standard interoperability protocols.
  • Flexible - configured to integrate with established practice workflow and available in modular, scalable increments.
  • Affordable - MIE’s Software as a Service model requires less investment in hardware, and the minimally invasive approach leads to faster, wider adoption - speeding practice ROI.