American College of Cardiology Annual Conference

Medical Informatics Engineering announces that it will exhibit at the ACC10 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, March 14 - 17 2010, at the Georgia World Congress Center.

In 1997, the College’s Board of Trustees (BOT) approved a five year strategic plan. While the Board recognized that this plan would expire at the end of 2002, it wisely chose not to update it through an extensive planning process. This decision was made recognizing that the College has continued to refine its planning process over the past few years. Over the next five years, the College’s planning activities became more dynamic and responsive to the organization’s needs with annual priority setting and the creation of an environmental scanning process. Furthermore, it also became much better linked to the College’s budget cycle with the change in the fiscal year, and better monitored with greater resource flexibility with the establishment of measures, targets, and quarterly reporting.