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:: Product Overview ::

  • WebChart

    • The EHR designed for solo and small physician practices looking for an affordable way to qualify for up to $44,000 in stimulus funds.
  • WebChart EHR

    • A tailored version of WebChart that is configured to specific workflow preferences of each practice and each individual clinician...
  • WebChart Enterprise Health

    • Proven Occupational EHR solutions for employee health clinics and employer health and wellness programs...
  • WebChart RIS/PACS

    • Eliminates the need for a costly and cumbersome interface between your RIS, your PACS and even your EMR...

minimally invasiveTM WebChart EHR

WebChart EHR is a Web-based longitudinal patient record that can be adopted all at once or in scalable increments best suited for your practice.

WebChart modules include full document management, dictation, transcription, exam template, order entry, med entry, prescription support, patient education, and other components. WebChart observes major interoperability standards, including IHE profiles, HL7, DICOM, CCR and CDA. WebChart integrates data from internal ambulatory documentation, practice management systems, labs, RIS/PACS, hospital interfaces, and from personal health record (PHR) systems.

WebChart supports multiple forms of data entry to document patient encounters, orders and other components of the patient visit. Authorized users can securely access the patient record, create tasks, create orders and generate encounter information from any Web-enabled PC at home, the office, clinics, or the hospital.

WebChart EHR Value

Rather than present you with scores of screenshots or an exhaustive (and exhausting) list of features, functions and benefits, suffice it to say that WebChart EHR will meet all 2011 meaningful use criteria. This means that our EHR does everything you would expect – plus a great deal more. Consider the things that set WebChart EHR apart:

  • We don’t expect you to change the way you practice medicine to fit our software. We’ll configure your WebChart EHR to fit you and your practice. That’s minimally invasive.

  • WebChart EHR enables you to point and click, dictate, or even continue to use paper to document encounters. This flexibility minimizes upheaval, especially among practice partners with varying degrees of healthcare IT comfort.

  • You don’t have to adopt WebChart EHR all at once. Start with a simple module or two, and add increments at your own pace.

  • Implementing WebChart EHR won’t require a radical resection of your checkbook. Our Web-based model minimizes your initial investment and helps you avoid hardware, licensing and IT support costs.

Schedule a brief, minimally invasive demo to experience a Web-based EHR that won’t revolutionize the way you practice medicine.